Are you interested in developing a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ by learning and doing what the Bible tells us nothing more, nothing less? That is the mission of Searching the Gospel.

10 Remedies for Negative Thinking By Bryan McAlister

1. Assume people have good intentions. 2. Avoid using negative words (eliminate cursing). 3. Accept responsibility for all your emotions. 4. Begin each day with expectations. 5. Celebrate more frequently. 6. Cease complaining about time. 7. Conclude each day with gratitude. 8. Don't take yourself too seriously. 9. Decide that you must reach your goals. 10. Make your goals pervasive.

Online Bible Courses

Searching the Gospel is where you can take seven free online, non-denominational courses and receive a completion certificate. Each course is an in-depth open Bible study. You simply open your Bible and study the text verse by verse with the teacher.

At the end of each lesson you can take an optional test and work toward the certificate or go on to the next lesson. The lessons are presented in both audio and text. When taking tests you can have the audio and text open to assist you. (You can call it cheating if you like) The objective is to learn God’s directions, not take tests.

You may work at your own pace - you can stop and start anywhere. We suggest you take the courses in New Testament order if you are new to studying the Bible. We recommend listening to the audio material, not just reading the script. By simply reading you will miss out on Mr. Horsley's voice inflection, conversation style, humor, and, more importantly, his 'personal touch' in assisting with your Bible study.

Our goal is to help you learn about the love of God, how he sent his Son to redeem all mankind, and for you to grow spiritually. You may copy and keep all materials. There is no fee nor will anyone call you. We only want you to contact us when you feel comfortable doing so or if you have questions.

The Four Gospels

128 Lessons on Matthew, Mark, Luke, John


52 lessons on Acts

Paul's Missionary Journey Epistles

88 lessons on Romans, I & II Corinthians, Galatians, I & II Thessalonians

Paul's Prison Epistles

32 lessons on Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, & Philemon

Paul's Epistles to Preachers

28 lessons on I & II Timothy & Titus


32 lessons on Hebrews

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