Lesson 1: Introduction to ACTS
Acts 1:1-5

Lesson 2: The Ascension of Jesus/ Disciples Wait in Jerusalem
Acts 1:5-15

Lesson 3: Matthias Numbered With the Eleven Apostles/ Suddenly. . .A Sound from Heaven
Acts 1:15-23

Lesson 4: Apostles Filled With the Holy Ghost/ Every Man Heard in His Own Language
Acts 2:4-13

Lesson 5: Peter's Sermon on the Day of Pentecost
Acts 2:14-37

Lesson 6: What Shall We Do to be Saved?/ Peter's Answer
Acts 2:38

Lesson 7: A New Age Begins/ The Lord Daily Added the Saved to the Church
Acts 2:38-47

Lesson 8: ACTS and the Pattern of Conversion
Acts Chapter 2, Review

Lesson 9: Peter Heals a Lame Man and Delivers a Sermon in Solomon's Porch
Acts 3:1-16

Lesson 10: Many Believed/ Peter and John Arrested
Acts 3:19-4:4

Lesson 11: The Boldness of Peter and John
Acts 4:4:31

Lesson 12: A Period of Calm/ Ananias and Sapphira/ God Demands Sincere Obedience
Acts 4:32-5:11

Lesson 13: Multitudes Added to the Lord/ All Apostles Arrested/ The Council Persuaded by Gamaliel
Acts 5:12-42

Lesson 14: Grecian Widows Neglected/ Seven Men of Honest Report Appointed Over This Business
Acts 6:1-7

Lesson 15: Stephen Brought to the Council
Acts 6:8-7:1

Lesson 16: Stephen's Defense Before the Council/ Stephen Martyred/ Great Persecution
Acts 7:2-8

Lesson 17: Christ Preached in Samaria
Acts 8:4-17

Lesson 18: What Baptized Believers Do For Forgiveness
Acts 8:18-25

Lesson 19: The Conversion of a Man of Ethiopia
Acts 8:26-40

Lesson 20: The Conversion of Saul
Acts 9:1:18

Lesson 21: Persecution Relaxed Throughout All Judaea, Galilee, and Samaria
Acts 9:19-31

Lesson 22: Peter's Tour of Encouragement
Acts 9:32-10:4

Lesson 23: The Spirit Sends Peter to Cornelius
Acts 10:4-33

Lesson 24: The First Gentile Converts (Cornelius' Household)
Acts 10:34-48

Lesson 25: "Then Hath God Also to the Gentiles Granted Repentance Unto Life" (Acts 11:18)
Acts 11:1-18

Lesson 26: The Disciples Were Called Christians First in Antioch
Acts 11:19-30

Lesson 27: The Apostle James Killed/ Peter Released From Prison By An Angel of the Lord
Acts 12:1-12

Lesson 28: The Word of God Grew and Multiplied/ Barnabas and Saul Returned to Antioch
Acts 12:13-25

Lesson 29: Barnabas and Paul Sent Forth By the Holy Ghost (Paul's 1st Missionary Journey Begins)
Acts 13:1-13

Lesson 30: Paul's 1st Missionary Journey (Continued)
Acts 13:14-19

Lesson 31: Paul's 1st Missionary Journey (Continued)
Acts 13:50-14:20

Lesson 32: Paul's 1st Missionary Journey (Continued/ Return to Antioch of Syria/ Arrival of False Teachers)
Acts 14:21-15:2

Lesson 33: Paul and Barnabas Council with the Apostles and Elders at Jerusalem
Acts 15:3-21

Lesson 34: Judas and Silas to be Sent to Antioch with Paul and Barnabas
Acts 15:22

Lesson 35: Letters Sent to the Gentile Brethren/Paul Departs On 2nd Missionary Journey
Acts 15:23-41

Lesson 36: Paul's 2nd Missionary Journey (Continued/Into Macedonia[Europe]/The Conversion of Lydia)
Acts 16:1-15

Lesson 37: Paul's 2nd Missionary Journey (Continued/Thrust Into Philippi's Inner Prison)
Acts 16:16-24

Lesson 38: Paul's 2nd Missionary Journey (Continued/Conversion of the Philippian Jailor)
Acts 16:25-34

Lesson 39: Paul's 2nd Missionary Journey (Continued)
Acts 16:35-17:21

Lesson 40: Paul's 2nd Missionary Journey (Continued/Paul's Sermon in Athens/On to Corinth)
Acts 17:22-18:5

Lesson 41: Paul's 2nd Missionary Journey (Continued/Back to Antioch/3rd Missionary Journey Begins)
Acts 18:6-18:23

Lesson 42: Paul's 3rd Missionary Journey (Continued/At Ephesus)
Acts 18:24-19:7

Lesson 43: Paul's 3rd Missionary Journey (Continued/Uproar in Ephesus)
Acts 19:8-41

Lesson 44: Paul's 3rd Missionary Journey (Continued/Again Through Macedonia and Greece)
Acts 20:1-6

Lesson 45: Paul's 3rd Missionary Journey (Continued/Troas/Paul Called for the Elders At Ephesus)
Acts 20:7-38

Lesson 46: Paul's 3rd Missionary Journey (Concluding In Jerusalem)
Acts 21:1-25

Lesson 47: Paul Arrested In Jerusalem
Acts 21:26-22:21

Lesson 48: A Plot to Kill Paul/Paul Moved To Prison In Caesarea
Acts 22:22-23:35

Lesson 49: Paul's Imprisonment in Caesarea/Before Felix and Festus/Appeal Unto Caesar
Acts 24:1-25:12

Lesson 50: Paul Before King Agrippa
Acts 25:13-26:32

Lesson 51: Paul's Voyage to Rome
Acts 27:1-44

Lesson 52: Paul In Rome
Acts 28:1-31

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Acts Map

The Four Gospels

128 Lessons on Matthew, Mark, Luke, John


52 lessons on Acts

Paul's Missionary Journey Epistles

88 lessons on Romans, I & II Corinthians, Galatians, I & II Thessalonians

Paul's Prison Epistles

32 lessons on Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, & Philemon

Paul's Epistles to Preachers

28 lessons on I & II Timothy & Titus


32 lessons on Hebrews

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